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Cornell Tech vs. University of Chicago (Soooo hard to choose!!)

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So since all the results basically comes out, I'm currently struggle between Cornell Tech and University of Chicago, I'm an international student with Computer Science and Psychology background from a US college


Cornell Tech:

Program: Dual Master in Connective Media

Scholarship: 40K for two years

Pros: cool campus, related to HCI which I'm interested in, Good job opportunities, great professional placement according to website

Cons: too much focus on programming?, too expensive, not as reputation as Uchicago? especially Cornell Tech not Cornell



Program: MACSS

Scholarship: 40K per year, estimated 70K-80K two years

Pros: Good phd Placement, good school reputation, not as expensive as New York City, good Psych department

Cons: Professional placement is not as good, very likely go to PhD after this, research might be focused on pure Psychology instead of HCI


I'm really struggling right now between those two... Not sure what I want to do in the future

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