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Insurance for international students

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Dear all,

totally confused international student here. My university does not cover health insurance for me (MA program). The university insurance plan (with Aetna) costs around 3,000 per year (I am from a country with almost free healthcare, and this freaks me out). The university has kind of strict waiver policy, I have shopped around a bit and failed to find anything which would be cheaper and would conform to those requirements. Do you have any tips for me? 3,000 per year is really huge, especially for someone who has not have (up until now) any serious conditions. 

Travel insurance will not qualify, I assume. Medicaid for international students? Does it exist?

Any help would be very much appreciated!


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Hi, I can recommend ISO health insurance. I'm currently doing my MPP at Harvard and the unviersity insurance is also very expensive. I only paid a few hundred dollars and it got waived without any problems. Feel free to use my referral link and you'll also get a discount: 

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