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Changes to ASHAedfind: include cumulative and in-major GPA averages!

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Please forward this survey to anyone you know that is in CSD/SLP/SPLH or interested in applying for SLP or AUD grad programs!


Hi all!

When applying, I found it pretty difficult to get a sense of what the GPA ranges for admitted students meant for my application, and would have loved a bit more information. As this is data that programs likely gather already, I plan to propose a request for changes to the data that Edfind displays. I created a survey to determine if these changes would be supported by other students! There are questions about how you would use the data, but those are optional. Your answers will remain anonymous.


Proposal 1: Including average Cumulative GPA of admitted students for each program

Proposal 2: Including average CSD/SLP/SLPH Major GPA of admitted students for each program


*This is not for a class or research project it just really would have helped me.

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Great idea, I filled out the form!

When I was in high school applying to college, my school had this calculator that took your GPA and SAT score and you can see applicants with scores similar to yours which really helped me get an idea of which colleges I would get into. I know college GPA and GRE scores aren't everything, but I think being able to compare your numbers with others can be helpful.

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