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GRE home test, supplies & best practices

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I'm taking the home GRE test in a couple of weeks. For the home GRE, you're required to use whiteboards instead of paper. I'm seeking advice from anyone who has taken the GRE test on what materials they used to meet this requirement.

I bought:

  • Three double-sided dry-erase lapboards (9x12)
  • "Fine tip" dry erase markers (Brand: Volcanics)

I'm finding that the dry erase markers aren't quite fine tipped enough -- they take up too much room when I write.


Thank you!

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To anyone reading this post, I think I found a solution that will work well for the home test!

I purchased:

  • a "whiteboard notebook." The brand is Esquoia and I found it on Amazon. It's 25 pages of whiteboard paper!
  • I also got Expo ultra fine tip markers. These have  a much finer line than the markers I bought before.

Hope this is helpful for any home-test-takers!

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