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How Much Money do People have to Spend in Doing Their Dissertation?

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Assuming the dissertation costs aren't in a funded fellowship/scientific research setting, how much should a PhD student expect to spend in writing their dissertation? For example, having to purchase specific articles on their subject that the library doesn't have access to, someone proofing/editing the dissertation, trips to specific institutions, compensating specialists/experts for their time etc.

Are dissertations a hidden cost of doing a PhD or are they relatively affordable, not factoring in opportunity cost in years spent writing one?

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I think this is going to vastly depend on the individual project. I am partway through my dissertation and have spent $0 on it, as have most of my cohort. Most libraries will be able to get you the articles you need through inter-library loan services, so that should not be a cost. You can proof/edit your own work with also getting feedback from peers and your dissertation chair. Most universities also have a writing center that is free to students which may assist in proofing/editing. I can't speak to the costs related to trips to specific institutions, compensating specialists/experts, as those are not really the norm in my field of study (clinical psychology). Typically, the dissertation committee is made up of experts in your field, and they are open to providing that expertise as 1 of their roles of sitting on your committee. You can also often apply for small grants to assist with dissertation expenses, such as any special software you may need or paying participants.  

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