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Anyone know about Stonybrook?

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8 hours ago, UndergradDad said:

I just saw on Daily Nous that the new APDA report will be out next month on program ratings. Stonybrook was mentioned in the post as having very low student ratings. Does anyone know why?

I'm not sure, but reading the student comments here are pretty concerning.


A shame because otherwise it has the potential of being very good.

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Thank you, yes thats the same report I mentioned above. The one you linked to is the current one (the blog for the ADPA), there is a new one coming out next month. Was hoping I might hear directly from someone who went there who had more details on their experience.

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On 10/13/2021 at 6:27 AM, UndergradDad said:

Thank you, that’s helpful to know!

I would email some current students there, and find out how long it generally takes students to get to ABD status and how long it takes them to finish. How involved are the coursework requirements? Are there qualifying exams? Does anyone finish in four years? Only four years of guaranteed funding is probably not enough regardless, but it would be good to find out from current students how they make it work, if they're able to. Is it just that students aren't guaranteed funding after 4 years, but can usually get it, or is it the case that students pretty much always just have to go adjunct for a year or two while they finish dissertating? I would find out from current students the answers to these questions and go from there.

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