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Philosophy Admissions Spreadsheet: Year Three, Still Going Strong

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Greetings folks,

As we head into the chaos of application season I just wanted to plug the Philosophy Admissions Spreadsheet for anyone who is new to the forum and may not have encountered it previously. More or less I track the admissions requirements for programs (mostly) in the US and Canada. (If folks can help fill in the gaps for places in the UK, Australia, and any other country though go for it!). I am also in the process of moving things over to a website but that'll be a bit of a longer goal.

These requirements include: deadlines, cost of application fees, how to get a fee waiver, whether they want the GRE, what type of transcript to send in, and how many letter writers folk will need. For MA programs I also look at whether they are funded and, if so, how many folks appear to be funded. In January it also tracks admissions decisions.

Feel free to share with anyone else that is applying! bit.ly/PhilAdm

There is also a FB group for folks looking to connect with more folks during this application cycle. Philosophy Graduate Applicants

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