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Is it worth it to get a PhD in English?

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Hello, everyone. 

I haven't written to you all in a while, and I've missed you! I just needed some more advice. This forum has been immensely helpful in allowing me to figure things out. 

So, I'm a high school English teacher, and I really do love my job. I find it so rewarding to work with students and share my passion for literature with them. When I was in college, I had my heart set on becoming a professor that I didn't even major in education. I only majored in English with a minor in women's studies. I went to grad school for a master's in humanities, and I hoped to get a PhD in English and become a professor.

After I graduated with my master's, I got licensed through the state of NY to become a high school teacher, and I fell in love with it. I'm actually thinking about going back to school for a master's in education. Maybe someday, I can be the supervisor of the department at the high school where I work. I would love that very much.

But I still feel worried about the PhD in English. I've spoken to so many of my professors, and they said the job market is terrible. They even told me it's truly not worth it to go for a PhD because in all likelihood, I might not even get a job in academia with the market being so bad. :( 

I would love to hear your thoughts though. What should I do? 

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I lurk this sub-forum fairly regularly because I, too, wanted a PhD in English Lit before going into another field. With that being said, I feel like if you have to ask strangers on the internet about what you should do, it seems clear to me as an outsider that this isn't the right choice for you. I share that with the caveat that I don't know you and you can do whatever you'd like with your life and time; and ultimately, none of us can make that decision for you. However, you seem to have a history of posting here and waffling back and forth about getting a PhD or which sort of program you should be attending, etc.. Perhaps releasing this and moving on in another direction, one you clearly state you'd be happy in, is what's best for you. But again, we're just all strangers on the internet.

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