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2022 Chemistry Admissions Cycle Thread

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9 minutes ago, chemnerd101 said:

I'm not sure how expensive the Bay Area is exactly since I've lived in the midwest my entire life, but is 38k a good stipend considering the cost of living in that area?

You can get by sharing an apartment with 3 people

cannot live in an apartment by yourself- the rents are upwards of 3000 per month for 2 bedroom apartment 

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You're not even in my subfield, not looking from arguably useless insight from you. 

Both are mediocre 

I had mine today (organic)! Really simple questions (this is what I remember): 1. Talk about a time in your research where you had an exciting result/something you were proud of. 2. Talk abo

I got into UIUC on Friday which I was honestly a little surprised about. I'm super excited since it's probably my second choice.

On 1/15/2022 at 8:08 AM, VenomMan35 said:

Does anyone know how bad it is to not have any kind of nomination letter/recommendation for admission? Had no prior contacts (reached out via email and got some responses but nothing significant, at LA, SD, UCSB, and Cal) and I’m just worried about acceptance with seeing so many others get nomination letters/contact

It's definitely not necessary, and it can even hurt you if you aren't careful. If a professor recommends you thinking you're guaranteed to work with them but you decide not to, they probably won't be happy. There's a chance they'll end up on your committee since your research area will probably still be similar to theirs, and that won't go well for you haha.

It can be pretty helpful to have someone fighting for you, especially at a reach school or small program, but it's definitely not necessary. I didn't reach out to PIs at any of the schools I've gotten accepted to so far, and I'm sure it's the same for many other people. It's still early on in the cycle, so you don't have a reason to get worried yet.

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3 hours ago, gapyearchemist said:

Hi everyone! I wanted to ask if anybody got acceptances from MIT, Columbia, or Northwestern for a PhD in Chemistry yet. I applied for inorganic/materials. Let me know! 

I didn't apply to MIT or Columbia but was admitted to Northwestern on Jan 5 via phone call followed by an official letter a few hours later on the same day. I'm organic/chem bio.

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