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Permit to work in a non-teaching capacity

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I obtained a non-teaching job after three years of teaching in Taiwan. The issue is that I'm concerned about my work permit application.
I understand that a bachelor's degree and two years of appropriate post-graduate professional experience are required. I moved to Taiwan shortly after college and began teaching, but I also worked online/part-time for a website in my home country (editing, proofreading, social media, and content writing) while in Taiwan. This is useful experience for my new job, and I believe it contributed to my success.
Is it, however, sufficient to obtain a work permit? Will remote working while I was in Taiwan as a buxiban teacher count? I could ask the website supervisor to state that my job was full-time, but will it be enough?
I'd love to hear from anyone else in Taiwan who has made the move from teaching to business work.

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