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Failed core course- in dire need of guidance please

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I would be deeply, deeply grateful for some guidance please. I'm a first year PhD student who just finished term 1 and I recently learnt that I failed a core course that's a prerequisite for pretty much all other core classes. First (and I know this is a common, and maybe unjustified reaction), I am trying to stay hopeful that this is a grading error in my final exam. I did well in the other assignments for the course (A average) and I was so convinced that I did well in my final exam, it genuinely came as a complete shock to see the F..

Second, I contacted my professor and program officer to respectfully and kindly ask for clarification and guidance, but it's been a week and there's no response (I know, it's the holiday season). Beyond the crippling anxiety and grief that I'm trying to contain, I simply cannot function in the midst of the confusion. There's VERY little information on the repercussions of this on the uni's website and policies, it just says that I might get kicked out (but not what the criteria for this is). My overall GPA (with the fail grade) is 3.1. 

I am desperately trying to understand what this means for my future. I know that I should be patient until Jan 10 (or later, depending on when the prof comes back), but I honestly feel completely miserable, I'm utterly exhausted, and I'm hoping that the community here might be able to provide some clarifying info. ANY info, whether it's positive or negative, would help put me out of my misery and alleviate some of this distress until the prof comes back from his break.

Is there any way this could be a grading error? Is there any way I can recover from this, if indeed I failed? Would I have to repeat a year? Can I still finish on time? Will I lose my basic funding and/or scholarship? Will my supervisor drop me ? - she's been incredibly kind and supportive but I wouldn't want her to experience any negative repercussions seeing that she is highly reputable in her field and her other PhD students are A+ students with incredibly prestigious awards. How do I even talk to my supervisor about this and manage the awful shame that is now haunting me? The shame is definitely a huge issues, especially seeing that grad students very rarely fail any core classes, based on what I've been reading.. I'm just at a loss. 

Thank you so so much! 

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