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Sharing My Ordeal With 1570 in GRE

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Took my GRE few days ago and got a 1570. 800Q+770V (Awaiting Writing).

I would like to share my experience with y'all:

Preparation Time - 1.5 Month (APPROX)

Coaching- Self+ Online

BOOKS & Software-

GRE Barrons

GRE Big Book

Princeton Review (Only last few days)

Powerprep from GRE website


www.number2.com (Great for vocab practice)

www.missiongre.com (Excellent essay evaluation dirt cheap and admission counseling tools)

www.greguide.com (Occasional Practice)


BS-CS -university of tennessee -knoxville

GPA- 4.0

One Project at NASA

Internship at Lockheed Martin

Expecting excellent recos

Let me know if there are questions

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Good for you. Now if only GREs counted for much :P

In all honesty, it sounds like bragging more than anything else.

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IMO, the excellent recommendations and the internship at NASA will mean more than the 1570, but it's a nice score. Congratulations.

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