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Clinical Psychology Applications Fall 2023 Canada


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3 minutes ago, QSCVFRFGBNHY said:

Have they already conducted interviews? 

I had mine yesterday with the PI and director of clinical training. I was only given 2 business days notice of the interview. I suspect interviews will be until Friday of this week if the committee is meeting on Monday the 23rd. I hope that helps to clarify a bit! 

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2 hours ago, psyched555 said:

Thanks for the update, does that mean that interviews are being sent on the 2-4th or that the official day is that? So have they sent out official invitations? 

Is this also for UBC-O?

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PI's for Calgary SACP program (replying to someone above) have to make their decision by this week and send them to the dept. Therefore, you should hear back in the next 1-2 weeks

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1 hour ago, skowall said:

Has anyone heard from Ottawa or UBCO? Losing my mind over here!!

Because their deadline for all the application docs to be submitted was January 8, from what I understand it will take longer to hear about interviews at UOttawa. So don't stress if you haven't heard back yet! Hopefully we'll get news soon

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11 hours ago, criticalthinker said:

Does anyone have any advice on how to prepare for a "clinical suitability interview"? Or what to expect?

I have one of these upcoming as well! I expect it'll be some scenario-type questions and competency questions. Like "tell us a time you showed good judgement". Best of luck! :)

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