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What are your thoughts on Tessa Hansen Smith / Livingwaterless, who claims she is internally allergic to water molecules (in her throat, internal organs, bloodstream etc)?


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Tessa Hansen Smith (known as ''Livingwaterless'' on Instagram) is a 21 year old woman from Fresno, California, who claims she's internally allergic to water when it touches her throat, her internal organs, and her bloodstream. She's had several news articles made of her and she's shared photos of her being in hospital being treated for her internal allergy to water.

She has an internal allergic reaction to intravenous saline, she explained it's because her bloodstream immune cells are reacting to the presence of water molecules. She says nurses have accused her of making it up. She says the only reason she can tolerate drinking milk is because the fats in the milk surround the water molecules so they cannot be detected by her immune system. She drinks about 800 ml of milk a day, and is constantly dehydrated so she takes rehydration pills. She claims that she suddenly became allergic three years ago. Tessa also claims that she has ptsd, adhd, and hypothyroidism, among other things. She calls herself a spoonie.

Is there any way for the immune system to detect or recognize water molecules that are inside the body?

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