Long story short, I got in a PhD program freshly out of undergrad. This is my first semester. During under, I was building myself toward cognitive psychology (psychology + stats + a little bit of programming). Turns out, no cognitive psychology program wanted me, and the only option left was a math psych program. Well, I decided to go for it. Turns out, I was put under an advisor who is very theoretical (I prefer to call him a mathematician than a psychologist or psycho-physicist). I am decent at math. But the two classes I was put in are very difficult, and are not what i was preparing for during undergrad. I am managing to hang on, but I feel more and more discouraged as time went by. My programming skill is not good enough to take over the programs left by a formal student who graduated before I got here. I have a lot of trouble understanding the details of my advisor's papers. And I am really struggling in the classes. (I don't have the back ground knowledge). I am not suggesting anything here, just felt like to rant for a little. i am wondering if this is common for first year grad students or not. feel free to leave some comments or suggestions (possibly?)