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I've been thinking about this for a while and decided I need some outside input. This is related to last post, somewhat, and I had excellent help from everyone there, so I thought maybe I could ask for some more help!

I am taking a course that is not in my program, but my supervisors say that this particular course would help me out much better, and is far more related to my research, than the course that is offered through my program. I am in kinesiology (biomechanics) and this course is an engineering course (instrumentation). I never did any type of engineering, ever, and I am struggling so much. The kine version of this course will be easier, but unfortunately not as applicable to my research. I know that if I had the time to sit and drill this stuff into my head, I could. But we move so FAST. It is based on programming, and obviously that just snowballs, so I barely have a grip on the first step and we are moving onto the fifth step. I am so behind, and had to get extensions on all of the assignments so far. My professor knows and understands that I am not going to grasp this stuff as easy as everyone else in the class (engineers) and he is good to help me out. But at this rate I am going to get so behind.. is it worth it? Because of this course I am just miserable in other aspects of my degree as well. I keep thinking if I made a mistake choosing this degree. But the more I think about it, I know that it is just this course that I hate.

I DO have the option of taking the other course offered in kine, which is next semester. And I have until Friday to drop this course if I'm going to. With the other one, I will have to do a lot of self-learning since it doesn't offer everything I need, so in the end, I will just be struggling with the same thing.. but with more time to struggle.

Should I suck it up, and risk failing this course? Or just take the safe route and do the other one where I can get a passing grade, but not all the knowledge I will need for my research?

What would you do in this situation?

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Well, my question is this - what will happen if you get an incomplete? Is that possible, or is there a consequence to failing? This is grad school -- the important thing is that you acquire the skills you need to do your research, how you go about doing it is less important. I would say, if there are no serious repercussions, stick it out. It sounds like you'll get more out of the class you're currently taking. Otherwise - drop it, take the class you'll pass and learn what you need by yourself. Basically, do what serves your interests best.

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I am in the same situation. I am a psyc student taking pure math courses. They are fun to look at, to mess around with, but not so much if your grade is depending on your performance.. But, like you, I have to take them, and some more advanced courses, such as topology, to work with my advisor.

I am doing badly in one of the course, and average in the other two. I figured if it comes to worst, I will just suck it up and retake them. I am sure I can do better than I am doing right now.

good luck!!!!!

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