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On 4/24/2019 at 4:52 PM, kendalldinniene said:

Can anyone tell me how common cockroach infestations are? Also I’m wondering about scorpions. Are they just a fact of life in the summer? 

Cockroaches are a problem, scorpions not so much. I've seen both the American Cockroach and German cockroach (smaller and in a way more aggravating to deal with). They seem to be prevalent in a lot of my friends apartments. I think that just comes with city life, I would try to look at google reviews and see if apartments have a history of roaches.

I grew up in the Panhandle of Texas and we had lots of scorpions- but they don't really infest places like cockroaches do. I have never seen scorpions in my time in Dallas, just for your peace of mind :) haha 

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Dallasite checking in. Feel free to PM me!

To the poster who is considering UTD... I did not go to UTD but I used to live a couple blocks from the campus on the border of Dallas/Richardson. Firstly, there are a number of apartment complexes

My advice is to bring a car if there's any way for you to do so! If you don't own one or just can't, sure, you can make it work as a pedestrian in Dallas. But it ain't easy. The Highland Park/Unive

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I have a friend moving to Ft Worth as a transfer to Brite Divinity at TCU. They have pets so can’t live in grad housing.

Can anyone recommend nearby communities or apartments? Ideally, they’d love to be able to walk to campus or have a short bike commute.

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