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Thank you for sharing! I have lower stats in the GRE Verbal Quant section, and if those matter, then I can see why I got the rejection.

Hi, everyone! My friend (who isn't a member of Grad Cafe) posted the Madison admission--she received e-mail notification back in January of acceptance and scholarship nomination. I asked her if

FYI to all considering UW-Madison as an option for graduate study in English: I just posted a message regarding the political situation in Wisconsin and how this will affect grad students/workers

Hi ~ I've been lurking this season after getting railed 0-6 last season. But... I got in to Wisconsin this year! I'm thrilled. In response to the post above, I also received the email with the 16-page packet, and in today's mail, a BIG envelope (at last!) with the same information. The letter says we will get a schedule for the visiting days via email. I will be attending and am extremely excited. Congratulations to the others who were admitted!

~ minnares

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Hey, potential Madisonians! This forum has been pretty quiet since the visiting weekend and I just thought I'd drop a post to see how the decision process was going for other people.

I'm fairly sure Madison is the place for me-- the students I met seemed happy, though, and the professors were great, so that makes a big difference.

Anyone else suffering from last-minute major-life-decision nerves, or have most of you Madison-bound folks already sent your acceptances?

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I wanted to relive this post to anyone considering UW-Madison to pursue graduate studies!


I'm so anxious to find out if I was or wasn't accepted to any of the other schools so I can finally figure out what I'll do with my life.


Also, I would like input from Madisonian students!

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