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Columbia-LSE MA/MSc Applicants?

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Thanks and hope to see you there!



Did anybody now in the joint degree now??!!


I just got the offer from the this Columbia/LSE programme few days ago. But the problem is that I also have a offer from University of Cambridge, Mphil in East Asian Studies.

Which one should I choose?


If anyone is currently enrolled in this joint programme please let me know how it feels and is it worth to participate in it.



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I guess I can speak on it now ... I did do an early request (though, as I told some people privately, I did not post that on results page) ... I contacted the other schools/jobs I had offers from and

I'm sure you must have heard about the religious requirement at LSE? You will fail your dissertation if you do not acknowledge and celebrate ALL religious festivals. It's absolutely tiresome but luc

I hope to Allah they don't! Some people might not have a sense of humor and this place is supposed to be a fun outlet etc. Please sweet YHWH don't let those admins be on here!

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Hi All,


I'm not sure if this thread is still active at all, but I'm in the very beginning stages of applying to the MA/MSc program. I have scheduled an appointment with the program coordinator on Dec 11 and am looking forward to that meeting.


My background:

Graduated (cum laude - good but not great) with a BA in History in 2009.

Worked a couple of jobs since then (for Ralph Lauren Corporate since 2010).

Run a semi-successful history blog.

Raised in Texas. Live in NYC a short train ride north of Columbia.


What I'm mostly curious about is just how selective this program really is. Obviously, being Columbia, any program is selective and competitive. But I'm curious as to just how optimistic I should be about getting into this program. What can/should I do to increase my attractiveness to the school? What questions should I arm myself with before my Dec 11 meeting with the coordinator?


Congrats to all those here who've been accepted - I'd also be interested to hear your thoughts on the program now that you're in it. Surprises? Disappointments?


Thanks in advance and best of luck to anyone else applying for Fall 2014!



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