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12 hours ago, scarvesandcardigans said:

Executive House is nice. Someone in my program lives there, and I've visited a number of times. The living space is pretty large and well laid-out. The person that I know has a deluxe (larger) 1BR and he has a large couch, chair, large television and coffee table in one part, and his L-shaped desk and bookshelf in another. The kitchen space is enough room for a dining table. The kitchen in his unit is somewhat outdated, as is the bathroom. Old tiling, older cabinets, etc, but the appliances seem new and they work well. There is a balcony and sliding door which is also a bonus. The hallways can be a little confusing to navigate and some of the stairwells are narrow, so keep that in mind when moving furniture in. There are elevators as well. It seems to be pretty quiet and is mostly rented by graduate and professionals, and all of the apartments on Waupelani are similar, so it's not a high-noise area. The CATA bus comes often and seems to be reliable. You can get a RidePass for $15/mo for unlimited rides based on the distance that Executive House is located from campus. It's a nice place for sure, electric is reasonable since it's only plugins (~$25 average/mo). You should be more than able to live comfortably with your lease and $30k.

That's a major relief. Quiet and slightly outdated is the tagline of my life, so this seems to be perfect.
Thanks for the detailed response :)

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