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Current Math Grad School Preparation

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Would I be able to get into a grad school for applied math?

By the time I graduate, I would must likely have a 3.4-3.5 gpa in my upper div math classes (around 3.5-3.6 if lower div classes are included) and a 3.6 overall. Currently, I have a 3.1 gpa in my upper div math classes (around 3.2 if lower div math classes are included) and a 3.38 overall. My university is a top 25 undergrad and in the top 50 of math grad schools.

Classes I've taken so far:

Lower Div:

Calculus II A-

Calculus III B+

Linear Algebra B

Upper Div:

Intro to Probability Theory: C

Number Theory (Withdrew)

Statistics B+

Ordinary Differential Equations (Dynamical Systems) A

I will take Analysis I, Analysis II, Advanced Linear Algebra, a reading course on Dynamical Systems using a grad text (Guckenheimer and Holmes), Abstract Algebra (on my last semester), and possibly 1-3 grad courses (such as grad Numerical Analysis, grad Real Analysis, or another grad courses). If possible, I might be taking Complex Analysis online through University of Wisconsin and an Engineering Math Course (on PDEs) at my university.

Research Experience:

Summer 2010 REU in Mathematical Biology- created research project, which was presented in undergrad research poster presentation at the Joint Math Meetings

Planned- Undergrad senior thesis on ODEs/Dynamical Systems (either applied or theoretical based) with professor during Spring 2012

Planned- Hopefully, will participate in Summer 2012 REU or taking grad courses through SMI in Italy or through AARMS in Canada.

Hopefully, I can publish my senior thesis in an undergrad research journal and present a potential, future REU project at a research conference.


Bank of America Scholarship Recipient

Scholarship through my university

Received travel funding from the MAA to fly to the Joint Math Meetings

Currently, I will be taking Analysis I P/NP at Berkeley during the summer to prepare for Analysis at my university during the Fall. The professor teaching Analysis I at my university during the Fall gave me my lowest math grade. I'm a bit rusty at writing proofs, so that is why I will be Analysis I at Berkeley during the summer.

I am mainly interested in Mathematical Biology and Ordinary Differential Equations, but I am open to other subfields of applied math.

Do I have a chance of getting into an Applied Math PhD program at universities, such as Boston University, Texas A&M, or even Duke and Utah for Fall 2013 admission?

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