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Milwaukee, WI

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Now that all is done and the lease is signed, etc., it looks like we're moving to Shorewood. It's a small suburb immediately north of UWM, only about 1.5 square miles. But what's nice is: lots of good restaurants, walking distance to 3 grocery stores, less than a mile to the Oak Leaf Trail or Lake Michigan, very low crime, best public school system in eastern Wisconsin. So, the rent is a tad higher than elsewhere in the MKE area, but not terrible - about $1 a square foot /mo. We decided that would be fair because in Shorewood our kids can go to the public schools and we don't have to pay $$$ for the private ones (the MKE school district is abysmal, and their better schools have huge waiting lists). 

That said, if you're considering Shorewood, make sure you get a place with parking because it's apparently illegal to park in the street overnight in most of the city. 

For those still looking, we spent 4 long weekends in Milwaukee, toured two dozen houses and drove by a lot others in almost all the neighborhoods, attended a couple different church services, and visited several elementary schools - I'll answer any questions I can. 

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Hello everyone,

I'm considering applying to UW-Milwaukee for graduate school. Can any current students or Milwaukee residents tell me about the University. I don't really know anything about the school. Also what is life in Milwaukee like. I've been told that parts of Milwaukee surrounding the University can be very dangerous. 


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