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Chances and Preparation for Math PhD Fall 2012

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Would I be able to get into any PhD Program for applied math? Would you please recommend some PhD and/or masters (with funding) programs to apply to? I'll be graduating in Spring 2012 and unfortunately, my undergrad institution only funds for an extra semester, so my only choice is to apply to a PhD program and/or a funded masters program (if I can find a masters program that gives funding) meaning that I don't have an extra year to prepare for PhD admission.

Currently, I have a 3.1 gpa in my upper div math classes (around 3.2 if lower div math classes are included) and a 3.38 overall. My university is a top 25 undergrad and in the top 50 of math grad schools. I'll be able to get a 3.3-3.4 GPA by the end of this fall as long as I get grades ranging from a B to an A.

Classes I've taken so far:

Lower Div:

Calculus II A-

Calculus III B+

Linear Algebra B

Upper Div:

Intro to Probability Theory: C

Number Theory (Withdrew)

Statistics B+

Nonlinear Ordinary Differential Equations (Dynamical Systems) A

Real Analysis I currently taking at a UC (University of California campus)

I will take Real Analysis II, Advanced Linear Algebra, a 2 semester reading course on Dynamical Systems using a grad text (Guckenheimer and Holmes), Abstract Algebra, and an Engineering Math Course (on PDEs) at my university.

Research Experience:

Summer 2010 REU in Mathematical Biology- created research project, which was presented in undergrad research poster presentation at the Joint Math Meetings

Planned- Undergrad senior thesis on ODEs/Dynamical Systems (either applied or theoretical based) with professor during Spring 2012


Bank of America Scholarship Recipient

Scholarship through my university

Received travel funding from the MAA to fly to the Joint Math Meetings 2011

I am mainly interested in Mathematical Biology and Ordinary Differential Equations, but I am open to other subfields of applied math.

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