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Education EdD / PhD Fall 2011 / 2012

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Hi there! I couldn't find a forum that was dedicated for the Fall 2011 applications for Education Doctorates in 2012, so here it is! I really hope this will be a good place for mutual questions and support, as we all know this process is never an easy one! :D

Anyway, to start things off, here are my specs. Feel free to ask me any questions that you may have, or just to stop by and say a quick hi! :D

Undergraduate Institution: UC San Diego

Masters Institution: MAT@USC, U of M Certification

GPA: Undergraduate - 3.01, Graduate - 4.0

GRE: Verbal: 640, Quantitative: 800, Writing: 5.0

Work Experience: 2 years as a Teach for America corps member in Detroit; MS summer school teacher in Chicago public schools, ESL teacher in San Jose summer school

Certifications: Secondary ELA, Secondary Science, Biology, Elementary Education

Research Experience: 4 years undergraduate biology research; 1 professional publication

Applying for: EdD and PhD programs

Schools Applied: Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, USC, UCLA, UC Berkeley, UC Irvine

Good luck everyone! :D

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