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Hi All! Does anyone have any recommendations for a good cultural anthropology PhD program that focuses (or has faculty focusing) on digital/cyber anthropology? I know there are some digital anthropology programs out there but all I've found are for BA or MA. I've already received by MA and I'm looking to get my PhD. Any help is appreciated!

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What about NYU's Certification in Culture and Media available to PhD students in Anthropology and Cinema Studies?

Harvard has its Sensory Ethnography Lab, a collaboration between their Anthropology Department and the Department of Visual and Environmental Studies.

Not really an anthropology program, but Brown's Modern Culture and Media PhD program looks interesting.

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In the UK, there's Goldsmiths, Oxford and Manchester as well as UCL.

In the US, as mentioned, NYU and Harvard, also USC, Temple, UBC.

Really depends on what in particular you're interested in...there are also people working all over in it who would be great to work with, even if the department doesn't have a specific program.

Hadn't heard of Brown's program, Palmyra, looks good, thanks for sharing.

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