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Greetings All,

So I have decided to give applying to MFA programs a try. I compiled a list of 21 schools that I would consider applying to. I then narrowed down my list to 7: RISD, MICA, SAIC, IU, Herron, Rutgers, and Columbia University. I was wondering based on my work where I should consider applying or if there are any schools I should consider dropping from my list.


Any and all feedback will be much appreciated.

Thanks ya'll!


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Yes, though I can get in state tuition for Herron & IU, I just moved out to LA and am living between LA and Indy. My parent's still live in Indy. I will wait out to see what TA, assistantship & scholarships I will get, which will greatly influence where I choose to go.

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I didn't see much print work on your website other than photo-based. Can you do other techniques? Print programs tend to be VERY into the technical aspect.

I think those are reasonable choices (although I'm not a fan of Columbia), but I think you should consider ASU. Tops in printmaking, and good in almost everything. I'd put in a couple of fallback schools in there as well (besides Herron). How come no California schools? You just moved out there. What about Fullerton or Long Beach? You'll have been out there a year, so maybe you can get in-state tuition. I'm not sure your work would fit at UCLA.

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Sorry my website can be a bit hard to navigate. I changed it now so you should be able to find my print work more easily. I usually work with lithography and intaglio, (usually with photo-etching, aquatint, spit-bite & chine-colle).

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