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Applying to MA Philosophy Canadian programs... Ryerson?

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Hi everyone,

I am applying to masters in philosophy programs in the next few days and to be perfectly honest, this was a recent decision. i am a philosophy major with about a 3.6 GPA... I am a bit concerned however because my first year and a random semester in my third year are very bad.....i mean.....i pretty much slacked off and got Ds and Fs... so my first question is... how bad will this effect my odds of being accepted? i retook them...hence why my GPA does not reflect those poor marks.

secondly, who knows how good my letters of reference will be. my profs know me but they dont think im brilliant or anything. i could have done so much better but i obviously didnt because i didnt even think i would end up applying for an MA....

im not going to get into the good schools for MA phil...(ie. western, u of t, ubc---i am aware). I really want to move back home to toronto (right now im across the country finishing my BA)...so pretty much the only school i can apply to is ryerson.... DOES ANYONE KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THE RYERSON MA for phil??? i want to know my odds of getting in... I know they only accept about 13 people a year but i have no idea what the admissions data is, etc.

im also thinking about applying to guelph and brock.... can anyone help me figure out where i should apply.... the only school i really want to go to is ryerson....i would apply to york but i am unsure of my chances of getting into the program.

also, if anyone has any advice on statement of purpose....advice welcomed.

any advice will be helpful!! thanks!!!

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You'll probably want to specify some problems/areas in your SOP, but it's better to admit you're not 100% sure yet than to pinpoint an exact problem when you're not sure.

I don't know much about Ryerson but I'd suggest applying to at least 3-4 schools to have a wider net.

York isn't a bad idea,Waring, Dimmock, and Cragg seem to be in your area. Queens has Schüklenk,Sypnowich, and Pratt. Guelph was recommended to me but I won't be applying there, but Dr. Harvey fits well with your project too. McMaster is also a thought, for ones close to Toronto.

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