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I'm almost too tall to use the Vanderbilt Central Library -- have any of you made similarly odd/surprising discoveries while visiting programs?

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So my significant other is a grad student at Vanderbilt, and I'm currently an adjunct at another college in town. Sometimes, I accompany her to the Vanderbilt library to grade papers, read, and whatnot. Something I've learned about the VU Central Library is that I'm almost always within an inch or two of cracking my head when I walk the main stacks and computer labs. Obviously, there are reading rooms with big, tall ceilings, but the stacks themselves seem to have really (really) low ceilings. I'm 6'2", which is tall-ish, but not superhuge, so I think it's sort of wild that their ceilings are so low!

Have you experienced or heard of any similarly odd or surprising peccadilloes concerning potential grad programs?

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