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University of Pittsburgh - Fall 2012

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eep! I got mine in on the 31st and am still waiting. did you hear by mail or email? do you ming if I ask your stats? did you also apply for direct practice? congrats, by the way! sorry for all the questions. :)

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So this is really confusing but I sent in my transcript before my Fall 2011 grades were processed. In that case, my GPA was a 3.16 but it is now 3.26. ( I was a poli sci major and it brought me down) after I changed to Sociology things were much better : )I am a college senior who just had some volunteer work and decent LOR's. I heard back by e-mail where they said, "It will take approximately two – three weeks for you to receive your official letter of acceptance in the mail"

Hope that helped :)

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I got accepted into University of Pittsburgh. They mailed my acceptance letter and also said to pay 200.00 by January 21, 2013, a refundable tuition deposit check or money order to be guaranteed a space for fall of 2013. But I haven't receive a scholarship reward packet yet, which they have promised. So I'm not sending them any money until I get my scholarship packet. Have anyone else heard from them? If so, did they give you the same info? Have anyone received a scholarship reward letter?

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I also got accepted into University of Pittsburgh for Fall 2013! I got the same acceptance letter in the mail with the "Pay by Jan. 21" sentence. I called Philip Mack who I believe is the Director of Admissions, and he told me that it was a mistake to have the Jan 21st date on the letter, and that I did not have to send in the tuition deposit until after I got my scholarship letter on Feb 15th, and I had until March 15th to put in a deposit. I'm relieved, because I was really nervous about putting in a deposit before I knew if I could afford Pitt. I hope this helps!

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