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Applying to grad school before finishing undergrad...

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Traditionally it seems that most undergraduates finish their programs in the fall semester. I, however, will be completing mine in the spring. Rather than taking a break after receiving my B.A., I'd like to start graduate school in the fall of that same year. Unfortunately, I'm a little concerned about whether or not that will hurt my chances of being accepted into a graduate school. My goal school is the GSAS at NYU. If I were to apply to this school before the deadline in February, would I still be considered for fall admissions, despite the fact that my undergrad will not be completed until AFTER my application has been submitted? Or would I be (hopefully!) given some sort of acceptance conditional on my successful completion of my undergrad? Thanks in advance for any help!

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Definitely more common to finish in spring. However, for schools where it's hard to get into required classes and college takes more than 4 years as a result ... well, then, anything goes.

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