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Hello fellow applicants to U of L's Rhet/comp program!!!

I realize this is a longshot, but I figured it's worth a go.

Here's my situation. My fiance is applying to his residency in anesthesiology this year, and I am applying for my PhD in Rhet/Comp. We have undergone this complicated process of trying to make our prospective programs match up and hope he gets interviews. The time for him to submit his match rank list is coming up shortly, in two weeks in fact. The way the match works, he only gets matched into one program, and the higher a program is on his list, the higher the chances of him matching there. He is largely basing his rank order list on my choice of PhD programs, and Louisville is by far, leaps and bounds, no competition my TOP choice.

I got a lovely email back from Karen today saying that I'm "very high" on their waitlist, and she'll keep me posted as things change, but the problem is John won't rank Louisville high unless I'm accepted and he's got to make that decision soon! Aghk. I'm in a huge pickle here.

So my heartfelt question/plea on my knees is this:

If you have gotten a first-round offer from Louisville (congratulations btw!!) and know you will not be accepting it, I will love you forever and always if you were to tell them sooner rather than later. I'll even make you cookies (I make great cookies) or some other deliciousness and would be eternally grateful.

Here's to hoping. :-)

Jess :-)

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Thank you!

It's a mess! Especially since he has to submit his rank list by Feb 18th, then Match day is March 16th and once he's assigned a program there is NO switching it. That's where we go. Of course PhD programs don't follow the same schedule so....ah!

I've visited almost all the programs I applied to when he got his interviews, and I fell in love with Louisville. Crossing all our fingers and toes right now haha! It's been a crazy few months!

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