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Royal College of Art - Humanities - 2012 admissions

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Anyone out there apply to one of the humanities programs at the Royal College of Art?

Please post if you get an invitation to interview, and acceptance/rejection notifications. I'm in that freak-out mode where I'm curious if anyone has heard anything.

Also, if anyone has been interviewed for the Design History MA, will you share your experience?

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I applied to the RCA program a few years ago. I got a call for interview pretty quickly, as I remember it and had it scheduled within a week or two of the request. The interview was very challenging. Partly because I had basically gotten off a red-eye flight and walked into the interview. The committee included both the head of the program as well as head of research for the V& A- as its a joint program- a couple of curators, whose interests matched mine and a student liason. I believe that the number of people attending/conducting your interview are tailored to your research interests and statement of purpose. That said, the interview was fun- as long as you keep in mind its your opportunity to interview them and see whether or not this is the right program/place for you- particularly as they do not offer funding or TA ships of any kind to candidates outside of the EU/UK. As such the cost can be prohibitive (unless you are independently wealthy) as you'll have to fund tuition as well as cost of living. So come prepared, not only to discuss your work, what has prepared you thus far and with plenty of questions about the program, facilities/support and life in london!

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