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What's it like to be illiterate and pursuing an English PhD?

To throw my two cents into the ring, when we studied Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban at Michigan, we explored and/or deconstucted:   - the trope of the Boy Hero - the duality of good and e

Not to be the diplomatic waffling person, but I think we're talking about conflicting values, not objective literary worth. Some of us will never understand each others' respective fields, but that do

ArthurianChaucerian: The whole argument behind whether or not to censor City Lights who published Ginsberg's Howl was about literary merit.

Just saying. Not sure that's an effective way to look at literature.

---What other basis is there to distinguish art from something that might otherwise be thought or claimed merely to violate community standards of decency? The courts are forced to deal with this question regularly as a matter of law. Were it not for considerations of artistic merit, these sorts of things would in fact routinely be banned.

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