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doing bad in professor's class

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In my polymer class taught by the professor with whom I'm working with as an research assistant, I would say 80% of the people have no idea wtf is going on... We had our first test today, and I'm hoping the average comes out to be something like 50%, because I doubt I got even 40%!

He posted the solutions online today, and there was one problem I knew how to do. The other 3 problems were chicken scratch BS in the campaign for partial credit.

I will definitely be spending more time on this course and try to finish strong. It has been waaay more than what I had asked for. The homework makes you work your a** off, and the exams are pretty much a test of your IQ.

I'm pretty sure this will affect my LOR negatively. So other than focusing more on this course for the rest of the semester, what else can I do?

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Go to your professor's office hours regularly, ask questions about the homework and how to tackle those kinds of problems. Even if you continue to struggle, you will show that you are dedicated.

Also, does your school offer tutors in the subjects? Are there other professors or graduate students you can ask for help?

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