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Hi All -

I just received my acceptance letter from NYU Steinhardt MA in Art Therapy (crazy excited!), but the letter indicates I will receive my financial aid package "in the next few weeks", and that I must accept by 3/15 for my spot to be held.

However, I may not hear from the School of Visual Arts (the other program I am interested in) until early March and, if accepted, may not receive my financial aid package until well after 3/15.

Has anyone else dealt with a situation like this and, if so, am I just SOL or are graduate programs (like NYU) flexible in these dates? I just want to have all the necessary information in front of me so I can make an educated and thorough decision - THIS IS A LOT OF MONEY ;) I also plan on contacting NYU directly about this as well...but, am looking for for "street level" assistance!

Thanks for any information/advice you may have!

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I had an issue with NYU (Different program) as I am not able to visit until after the 15th-I emailed someone in the department and asked for an extension which they nicely gave. Try to find a real person-I emailed admission first and received a form letter, then I called and the "Admission specialist" was not helpful. Good luck!

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