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Online MA Communication/Media Studies Programs

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Hello Communications,

Currently I am working as a social media strategist in a non english speaking country. I would like to further my studies, but do not wish to leave the place I now consider home. This has me thinking about the option of doing an MA in Communications/Media online. Eventually, I would like to pursue a PhD and become a professor in media studies, but I am concerned my online MA credentials would not be credible enough to secure me an acceptance. I do not know anyone who has done an MA online, so I have no idea what the outcome could be.

What is the opinion on earning an MA/PhD online? Does anyone know of any reputable programs? Do you think that credentials earned online are good enough to land a University teaching position? I feel like there is a stigma against online credentials, but wonder how much of that is just me.

Any discussion, opinions and advice on the topic would be appreciated!

These are the online programs that have caught my attention:

University of Leicester - MA Mass Communication

Ellis University - MA Business Communications

University of Nebraska - MA Journalism/Mass Communications

University of Sheffield - MA Global Journalism

University of South Florida - MA Digital Journalism and Design

University of North Carolina - MA Technology and Communication

European Graduate School - MA Media/Communication (This one is a bit of a mystery to me)

George Washington University - MPS Strategic Public Relations

Saybrook University - MA Human Science

Touro University Worldwide - MA Media/Communications Psychology

Kent State University - MA Journalism/Mass Communication

The New School for Public Engagement - MA Media Studies

Pacifica Graduate Institute - MA Engaged Humanities

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AS a soon to be graduate of Leicester's programme, I can tell you that it is an intense essay driven programme that gives you one of the best regarded MA in Mass Communication in the UK. They hold a course conference every year for you to meet other students attend workshops and the like. PM me if you need any more

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I just completed the MA in Media Studies at The New School entirely online, and I'm in the process of applying to Ph.D. programs. I'll let you know if they snub me!

I've had many in-person chats and email exchanges with professors and students at several of the top programs. The online aspect only came up once in conversation, and I didn't get any sense that it was considered a knock against me.

If you do get into one of these programs, try to make yourself present as much as possible at the school and/or at conferences and other events. Doing a program online doesn't mean you have to be uninvolved.

Also, it's very possible to develop strong relationships with professors in online classes. Participate as much as possible, do all the assignments to the best of your ability and tackle something of substance for your thesis.

There may be a stigma to online programs, but I think more weight is given to a school's reputation and what you have to show at the conclusion of your program. And doing these programs online is not as easy as some people might think. Sure, you COULD slack off and phone it in. But you can do that on campus, too. These programs are really what you make of them.

Good luck!

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I know this thread is super old, but wanted to chime in. I'm a social media strategist professionally and just got accepted to the University of Florida's MA in Mass Communications with a specialization in social media program which is completely online. U of Florida is an amazing school and I've never been so excited in my life. Here's a link to the program: http://communicationsdegree.jou.ufl.edu/social-media/

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Minnesota State University, Mankato has a reputable online program.

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