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Chances of getting in after being rejected for Spring..

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So..here's the story. I originally applied for a Masters degree for Spring 2012. When I finally heard back from the school, this is what they told me..

"Their recommendation is that you not be admitted to our program at this time. They did indicate that they might be more open to admission if they could rank your application along with the other incoming applications for the Fall of 2012."

Do you think I have a realistic chance at getting in this time? I don't know what to think about this and I haven't heard from them so far. I still have a tiny bit of hope left, since the email mentioned above was sent to me on 12/1, so, very late in the semester..

Any opinions?

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Did you make any changes to your application from one semester to the next -- for example, did you do any independent research/writing, change your SOP to reflect new research interests, retake the GRE to improve your scores, etc? Have you been in touch with anyone in the department since your initial rejection to ask them what exactly it was that they felt you needed to strengthen in order for them to reconsider?

My thinking is that if you just turned around and resubmitted the exact same materials, then you'll probably get the exact same response. If you can show that you've taken their feedback seriously and have worked hard to improve your own knowledge of the field and credentials, then you'll have a better shot.

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Well, I finished my bachelors degree in January, so I submitted an improved SOP, that included a paragraph about my recent 5 month internship (which counted towards my degree) and the thesis I wrote at that company (both graded with an A). Also, my GPA went up from about 3.1 to 3.4 during my final 2 semesters. I am an international applicant, btw.

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