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Updated Engineering Rankings

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US News has released updated rankings for graduate schools...out of curiosity, does anyone have access to the 'US News Engineering School Compass?' There has been some shuffling of Environmental Engineering programs among the top 10 but I'm curious to see rankings for the top 20 or so environmental programs for the new year.


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#1 Stanford, Berkeley


#4 UT Austin

#5 UMichigan

#6 GA Tech

#7 Carnegie Mellon, VTech

#9 John Hopkins, MIT

#11 UC Davis

#12 Caltech, Cornell, UNC Chapel Hill, Duke, Wisconsin

#17 Rice, U Washington

#19 Purdue, Penn State, Minnesota

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On 3/13/2012 at 1:53 PM, ghanada said:

@mrhr0bin: sorry if this becomes a trend, but would you mind posting up the top 20 for Biomedical Engineering as well?

No problem. Here's the ranking:

1. John Hopkins

2. GA Tech

3. Duke


5. MIT, Stanford

7. Rice, UMichigan, UWashington

10. Berkeley, UPenn

13. BU, UT Austin

14. Washington University in St. Louis

15. Columbia, Cornell, U of Pittsburgh,

19. Northwestern, Vanderbilt

21. Caltech, UC Davis

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Top 20 ECE schools

1. MIT, Stanford

3. Berkeley, UIUC

5. Georgia Tech

6. Cal Tech

7. Carnegie Mellon, U Mich

9. Cornell

10. Princeton, Purdue

12. UT Austin

13. UCLA

14. USC, U of Wisconsin-Madison

16. UC San Diego, UC Santa Barbara, U of Maryland

19. Columbia, Ohio State

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Mechanical Engineering

1. stanford

2. MIT

3. Caltech, Berkeley

5. UMichigan

6. GA Tech


8. Princeton

9. Cornell, Purdue

11. Carnegie Mellon

12. Northwestern

13. John Hopkins, UT Austin

15. Penn State, TAMU, UMinnesota

18. Ohio State, VTech, UCLA, UMaryland, Wisconsin Madison

23. UCSD

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i feel horrible to ask as you already did so much work

but could you possibly show us the top 20 eng school for materials science and engineering?? really appreciated your time and kindness

1. MIT

2. Northwestern, UCSB


5. Stanford

6. Berkeley

7. GaTech

8. Caltech, Michigan

10. Cornell, Penn State

12. Florida

13. Penn

14. CMU, Purdue

16. Harvard

17. Ohio State, Wisconsin

19. RPI, Minnesota

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You don't seriously consider a jump of a couple of spots (or even 5!) as an indicator of the quality of a program, do you?

I don't think anyone actually does. No, but there's kind of an unofficial competition between the 2 programs, and it seems MIT has been winning it for the last number of year. So Stanford getting ahead is kind of fun to watch :P

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@zerothorder, I am pretty sure BU's rankings in ECE (photonics) isn't particularly high ranked. However, I am getting my Masters in EE at BU (not in photonics), but I know there's lots of good work happening in that area. I also think BU gets pretty underrated for engineering. The profs are good, the research is good, and facilities are great, and the campus is nice. I am not sure if you are considering other places, but if you are worried about BU because of ranking, I think you will be ok.

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can you find anything related to ranking of Boston University for photonics or related areas?

thank you.

No specific photonics ranking, but BU is #48 in Electrical Engineering and #58 in Materials Science and Engineering.

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