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University of Pennsylvania (Penn Design) Admissions

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After months of waiting to hear back from Penn Design yesterday was the big day!! Hooo RAYYYY .. Yeah no biggie .. B/C they had me up all night waiting till 12 for this o so big announcement only to tell me I was #WAITLISTED>........ Excuse me?!?! Ok.... I get that maybe there are a number of qualified applicants, but why make me wait .... It's like I want you to be on my team because I don't want you to play against me, but right now I have some better players and you don't have the skills, nor am I going to allow you develop them with me..... I'm grateful, but can SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME WHY I KEEP GETTING HIT WITH THE WL..... I'VE RECEIVED A NUMBER OF Acceptance letter and only two denials and now this wait list thing to my top two schools..... Is there anyone that shares my feelings..

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