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Aid, Debt and Safety Schools

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First post! Pianist here. Going for the MM. I have no money so financial aid is a big deal.

I've been admitted to Michigan, NYU, Boston Conservatory, and Georgia. Waiting on Mannes (no decision yet) and CCM (waitlist). I got rejected to seven other places, but that's neither here nor there.

  • Georgia is offering a full ride with an assistantship and a stipend.
  • NYU is offering an assistantship only, which does not cover living expenses (in NYC!!)
  • Michigan is offering a big fat $0. But they are asking for the details of my other offers, because "funds may become available." I don't know what to think of this.
  • BoCo hasn't gotten back to me with financial info yet.

Hopefully some of you have been in similar situations, and can answer my question: is it worth it to go into debt for NYU or Michigan? Is it wise to go to Georgia for purely financial reasons, when I have been admitted to marginally ritzier places?

Has anyone else had to make the decision between a funded safety school and an unfunded dream school? With the experience you have now, what would you choose if you could make your decision again?


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Is the M.M. a stepping stone to something else? DMA, PhD? Follow the money (or reapply).

If not? Follow the money.

That's my opinion, but I'd like to see the opinion of others here who know more about performance degrees. Brand-names might mean a whole lot more for you.

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