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Rescinding enrollment at Columbia?

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Hi everyone,

I submitted my admission deposit to Columbia a few days ago, since my deposit deadline was fast approaching. I had yet to hear from NYU (my top choice) but didn't want to jeopardize my spot at Columbia. I ended up getting accepted into NYU and am now having second thoughts about enrolling at Columbia. My interest lies in clinical social work and the possibility of an eventual private practice. Because of this, NYU seems like the ideal choice, since its so highly regarded for its clinical program. However, I've heard Columbia has a very strong clinical program as well.

I've already begun the registration process at Columbia (I've submitted my field placement form, ID information, etc. since Columbia has requested this info by 4/1). In the meantime, I'm waiting to receive my full financial aid package from NYU. Is it too late to rescind my enrollment at Columbia at this point, should I decide to go with NYU as my final choice?

Thanks in advance for your insights!

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I would go with what you want to do. If you paid the deposit for Columbia, but aren't too worried about losing it - go for NYU. The most important thing is that you make the right choice for yourself, so be secure in your decision.

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I am pretty sure it's never too late to rescind your admission as long as you haven't begun taking your classes. Obviously it's easier to rescind the less deep you are in the process, but don't feel like you HAVE to choose Columbia just because you already accepted. If NYU is the right school for you and/or they offer you a better financial aid package definitely consider it. You will lose the deposit but I'm sure this happens all the time.

In my opinion, Columbia is kind of asking for this to happen because they admit students so quickly and then require a response soon afterwards. They know they're forcing students to commit before they have all of the information they need from other schools, so they shouldn't be too surprised when this happens.

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