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USC vs. Brown

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Hello everyone !!!!

I've just been accepted into the Master of Public Health program at both USC and Brown.

I am really hesitating which school is better for me because I could not find those program's rankings and reputations.

Both school's tuition fee is almost same but I've got offered 25% partial scholarship from Brown. However, still expensive :(

I am wondering if I could pay off tremendous tuition fee's and living cost's loan by getting a job related to public health after graduation.

Please give me some advice whether which school provide more job opportunaties.

Any insight into this would help me with deciding on which University I should attend.

Anyone hesistating between USC and Brown ??

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Hello Darse1112 and Nay84,

I applied to USC's MPH program and am still waiting for a response. If may inquire, I was just wanting to compare two specific data points of your profile to mine: 1. GRE scores (verbal/quantitative/verbal), and 2. Cum. GPA. I am cognizant of the fact that the manner in which your profile, with regards to these two areas, may stoop or fall below my profile still cannot serve as an accurate reflection of my acceptance chances. Having said that, waiting for a decision has been most unpleasant and am thus looking for a non-alcohol related alternative to 'take off the edge'. Thank you for your time.

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