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Trying to decide between two great offers from Washington University in St. Louis/Sam Fox School of Art, and UNC-Chapel Hill.

I'm going for a Masters of Fine Arts, with an emphasis on college teaching preparation.

WUSTL/Sam Fox sounds like a great school, and I'm pretty excited about being in St. Louis. The class size is medium, and they are offering me a very nice package. The school is very conceptual and independently driven, which is what I'm looking for in a program.

UNC-Chapel Hill has offered me a bit better of a deal (although, the tuition for UNC is lower than WUSTL, so they can afford it in a way.) The program is also very conceptual and independently driven, but they only take very few students each year, making their class size very small and intimate. I'm a little worried about this-- I feel like too small a size might mean that everyone influences each other in each incoming class, and everyone's work might develop similarly. I know it's not totally possible, but I'm still a little worried about it.


My advice is,

- Medium Sized program, or Very Tiny program?

-St. Louis or Chapel Hill?

-Really Good Offer or Great offer?

Thank you!

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You got into both and the difference in offers seem negligible. The question is pretty simple. Where do you want to live? Also, how did you narrow down schools that offer an MFA with an emphasis in college teacher preparation? I wasn't aware that this was an emphasis offered by any MFA programs in particular, rather a concomitant goal of the fine arts curriculum for those that choose to teach following graduation rather than become exclusively professional artists.

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