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Computational Ling. MA: IU vs CU vs Brandeis?

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So, a little background first: My undergrad degree is in English, but I realized (after it was too late to change) that I'm actually interested in computer science and linguistics (thus Computational Linguistics). So, I'm going for a Master's degree in CL.

My GPA is great and my GRE scores are pretty ok, but I'm applying to schools for a field I have zero background in.

I've been accepted to Indiana University (Bloomington) and University of Colorado at Boulder. I haven't heard from Brandeis yet. I'm not getting funding from either, but I didn't really expect it, since I have no background in this field. I'll be paying for school with loans as I'm not at all wealthy.

My question is, which school has a better reputation in the field?

Boulder is where my home and my boyfriend and friends are, so logistics-wise, CU is the easiest choice, and I've heard from a few people that it's a good school for CL. Also, there's a great start-up tech scene here, so it may be easier to find an internship/job in the industry. Google has an office here, and while I don't really expect to have a chance, it's a secret wish of mine to work there (and one of their guys told me they do hire Computational Linguists).

Indiana has a dedicated Computational Linguistics MA degree, as opposed to CU's Human Language Technology certificate. I have heard that Indiana has a better reputation in Linguistics, but I don't know that for sure, and I want to work more in the Computer Science side of things, anyway. Indiana might also end up costing less, even at out-of-state tuition rates for the first year. But, the obvious cons are that I know no one there and am not sure of the opportunities for internships, etc., and I'd have to leave my boyfriend. It feels more risky as a choice.

There are professors at both schools who are doing things that interest me, so looking at the faculty has not been too helpful. I don't know what my chances are for funding at either school, and tuition is looking similar (~18-20,000) for both.

I'd like to hear opinions on Brandeis as well, on the chance I might get in there, too (though I probably can't afford it).

I want to work in industry ultimately, but I'm very tempted by a Ph.D if I could do some interesting research and get funded. Stanford would be my dream school for that, but I'll try to be realistic...

I'm the first person in my family to go to grad school, so I kind of don't know what to expect, or what I should prioritize. Thanks for any input you can give about the relative merits of these schools!

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You might as well try to get some info about the graduate placement of each program. :D

By the way, I've been accepted by IUB and UCBoulder, too.

I'm research oriented and planning to apply for a Cognitive Science Ph.d after the master of CL. So, I will choose IUB, since IUB has great cogsci&psych departments and some interesting labs where I could probably get some research experience.

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