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Wisdom teeth decided to rebelI against me in the beginning of July. so I had them removed in mid July. And I developed dry sockets T_T, so for about 2 weeks I couldn't really do much.

Was given a rather badly designed research project to present in August. Didn't know about this until the end of June (originally thought my advisor was taking charge in preparaing the presentation; I merely helped with coding and some data collection). Started to work on it after I recovered from the pain medication. Most of the data analyses came out insignificant. Had to dig around the data for something worth while to write about (go ahead and call me an unethical researcher, I feel bad about doing this). Advisor is unsatisfied with what I came up with, reminded me that I am a grad student doing thesis-relevent research and need to take things seriously.

July has been a horrible month for me...

I'm done ranting... God I envy those who can write amazing papers...

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