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'Minorities' in 'Majority' Departments

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That is appalling!! When you have those people controlling the majority of the thought, it is really a testament of why more diversity is needed in academia.

You'd think that. But to become professor they have to go through a long painful ritual that the other grad students tell me is "mental weightlifting", "building character" and other patronizing BS. The professor making inappropriate jokes was a minority himself.

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I know I am joining this discussion late, but I wanted to say something. CageFree, so far your comments on this thread have promoted colorblindness, the shedding of labels so that people are treate

Right and I disagree. I'm only speaking for myself, of course, not for the OP. I know you said you weren't making a comparison and that you don't know the minority experience, but stating that "but I

I don't know why you keep making it specifically about race... it's minorities in general. Gender, LGBTQ, ethnicity, age...there are many people who face stereotypes each day. The OP has come to a

indori, don't take it personally. its how they were raised and you can't change them nor should you change yourself. cheer up... it could be worse!

there's strength in numbers. see if you can make friends with people of your own ethnicity in your department and join the club of your culture.

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I was the only black guy in my whole program for my first semester. Another guy came the next semester but he was from overseas. Being the only AA sucked. I always got stuck with the dirtbags for group projects because everyone from the majority would pair up so quickly that it would just be me and a few deadbeats left within a couple of minutes. This affected my grades twice. I had friends in other fields who had similar experiences. The dirtbags will do nothing and leave you to carry all of the weight, and if you get a B instead of an A they'll explain it away as the result of being paired with a black person.

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I'm also a black female whose been the "only" in many situations.

I am done with worrying about being a stereotype. I roll my neck; i'm from the south and you can tell. I wear untraditional hairstyles and I listen to rap. I'm OK with that.

The hate (to put it simply) directed towards black ppl instiutionally and socially for generations is well documented; we're not just being paranoid or sensitive. It seems as though a lot of people have the perception that we ( black ppl) exaggerate our concerns.

My attitude is that I will not spend energy worrying about this. We have the right to be as "anything" as we choose just like everybody else and we dont have to put on a show for anybody. My works speaks for me. I have dealt with it by doing less to try and fit in and more to be as knowledgeable as possible within the given context.

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