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Groceries! Dish it out...

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Thanks that webpage is great!! I like to eat, lol I am also a runner which is my excuse for eating a lot! I spend about 300 a month right now on food, but I certainly don't have the cooking skills I would like to have and this webpage has given me some great ideas!

I'm glad you like it! I'll let her know. She said she treats cooking as her zen--gets home, turns on a Harry Potter audiobook, and just cooks. Then she splits it up into however many servings, puts them in tupperware containers, and alternates them with other cooked meals for lunches and dinners. Extremely cost efficient, and she makes it fun. I'm slowly getting the hang of it myself. (:

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There's a website I found called Grad Girl Grub--she doesn't talk about getting groceries per se, but posts really easy (and surprisingly good) recipes that don't require a lot of time or attention. M

Yes!! They also have a Betty Crocker line of cooking utensils and tubberware here...for $1!! I always go to the Dollar Store for cleaning supplies, paper towels, gift bags, etc. Sometimes I have to wa

Just a cautionary note: always check the bottoms or labels of glassware, dishes, and whatever else for disclaimers like "For novelty use only. Not for use with food." (i.e. "this product contains mass

Walmart has become my best friend. I'm sure you guys have already said this, but shopping there literally cuts my normal spending in half. As of this month I'll be trekking to Real Canadian Superstore to save even more as well.

I essentially season batches of chicken which lasts for some weeks, and do stews etc as well. I also have made best friends with oatmeal, since it's super cheap and filling. I'm trying as far as possible not to buy food on campus or on the road since it's more expensive and generally doesn't taste as good as my cooking (to me that is =P), so I try to walk with fruits and sandwiches a lot.

Also, I hardly buy juice and never buy soda, and just drink tap water and tea all the time. I think somehow that helps, even if only a little bit :)

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