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I am wondering the average amount of money that is paid to grad students that are secured teaching assistantship (TA) in the universities of the US. I am especially wondering the amounts for the faculty of engineering. I would be glad if you write the amounts in general, or in particular universities.

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The STEM fields generally pay 25-30k on top of tuition, although the money usually comes from Research Assistantships rather than Teaching.

TAs are more prevalent sources of funding in social sciences, humanities, and arts. They pay from <15k to 25k, although the higher figure is rare for some disciplines at all but the highest/most selective tier of schools. Also, as funding for the arts are perpetually dwindling, often a 12-15k assistantship amount is all available at many public research U's.

Most of this is department and location dependent. Schools in NYC will have to offer more money to be competitive with schools in the Southeast, e.g.

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The stipends vary quite a bit depending on the university. Just send the university an email and they can give you a better idea. In my field (Natural Resources), RA/TA stipends from the PhD programs I'm looking at vary from $14k to $27k per year...

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