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GRE/ GPA Is it good enough for a Social Psychology Program

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Hello All,

I took the GRE last fall and got a 153Q, 162V and a 4.5 on the writing. I really want to get my Ph.D. in psych but I'm worried that my quant score is low. I don't want to get into a top ten school or anything but is that score too low to be considered for smaller programs? My undergrad GPA was a 3.9 with a 4.0 in my major. Will this make up for it?


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Your scores are almost identical to my own: 162 V, 152 Q, 6.0 AW (plus 760 psychology subject test). I'm in a social psychology PhD program and had interviews at 3 others. My GPA was 3.72. Your GPA and GRE sound just fine to me! I struggle with math, but other parts of my application made up for my middling quant score. Nothing is guaranteed, but assuming you have research experience, a decent personal statement, and strong letters of recommendation, your GRE should not hurt you.

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