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Colonial U.S. Programs

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HI, this is my first post here, although I've been skulking around for a few months now. I'm looking for more PhD programs to apply for Colonial history (Fall, 2013), with my focus being in early economic history specializing in fraud. My concern is I have only heard the same 20 or so names of where I could apply, and they are all top tier schools. I'd like to apply to a broader range of institutions, as I don't think I'm competitive enough to apply to only top 20 schools. Right now I'm applying to Brown, William & Mary, Northwestern, and Florida State (masters). Any suggestions would be appreciated.

GPA: 3.8 (should graduate at 3.85)

GRE: V 157, Q 147, W 4.0 (panicked)

Strong writing sample, although I have nothing published.

Good LoR (department head and professors in my field)

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Hopkins, especially if you are interested in Atlantic perspectives.

I am not sure if stanley Engerman is still at University of Rochester, but if so it might be worth looking there.

Maybe Max Edilson at UVA?

It might be more helpful if you were more specific geographically/time period. One way that you might be able to find some other people would be to check out every book of collected essay on the broader field you are interested and see where the contributors teach.

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Sorry for being unspecific, my current research interests revolve around Colonial America, from the acquisition of New York City in 1664, to the Missouri Compromise of 1820. Specifically, I am most interested in fraud in the colonies, its economic implications, and its effects on the growth of the insurance industry from its earliest forms in 1735, to Benjamin Franklin’s Philadelphia Contributionship in 1752 and beyond. Given my GRE however, would I even be considered for a program like UVA or Hopkins? I don't feel too optimistic about my odds there. Thanks for the replies by the way.

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Just for the record, I work on colonial America and got into Yale with the equivalent of a 161V and 146Q and 4.0AW. Exceptional writing sample, SOP, and LORs will outweigh mediocre GRE scores.

I can also suggest programs if you want to PM me with more specifics.

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